Concept Sciences, Inc.

Dear Don:

The accident which befell Concept Sciences in early 1999 was a major tragedy for everyone involved. Even to this day, the effects and remnants of that horrible night are still with all of us. The one “silver lining” throughout the entire ordeal was your handling of the convoluted and continuous insurance claims with which CSI was faced. On behalf of CSI, please accept my heartfelt thanks for a complicated job well done.

Your compassion for our difficult situation, plus your extensive knowledge of both insurance policy interpretation and the inner workings of the insurance industry itself, as well as that of our specific scenario proved invaluable in getting CSI ALL the monies due and NEEDED by the company. Assuredly, hundred of thousands to a Million $$$ would have been left on the table if not for your efforts on our behalf.

Additionally, your obvious knowledge and persuasive demeanor worked very well for our benefit in receiving the funds we needed IN THE TIME FRAME we needed them. Our insurance company responded more pro-actively and more positively to you than to anyone at CSI. It is without hesitation that I believe that CSI would have died a quick and final death without your representation of our interests.

Although I hope not to need your services ever again, please believe me when I say that if such an instance were to occur in the future, YOU should be the ONLY phone call I would make for our insurance claims needs. Our experience with you has been the only positive aspect to this entire disaster.

Thanks again for all that you have done.
Dr. Chip Ward-Pres/CEO - Concept Sciences, Inc.

The Longport - Seaview Condominium Association

Dear Don:

We Recently passed the two year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy and the devastation it brought to the Longport Seaview Condominium. I vividly remember how overwhelmed I felt in the first few days after we were permitted back on the island and to the Longport Seaview. It looked like a bomb had been detonated in our parking lot.

As you know first-hand, Superstorm Sandy caused several millions of dollars of damage to the Longport Seaview. Our loss was complicated because it involved water, fire and wind damage. Owners were displaced for seven months as we put the building back together again. We would have been able to get the repairs and/or replacements completed without your expertise in dealing with our insurance companies to make sure we received every penny to which we were entitled. In addition to that feat, we very much appreciated your help in securing a loan with the Small Business Administration.

Since we are a condominium association you were asked to attend Work Sessions with the Board of Directors and Board Meetings so that the owners could direct their questions to you. You participated in phone conferences with the Board of Directors that often lasted for hours. We also requested and received status reports on a regular basis, you helped me answer questions from the owners’ own insurance agents and you also initiated onsite meetings with insurance adjusters, project managers and electrical contractors.

You went “ABOVE AND BEYOND” for me, and the Board of Directors and our owners and for that we will always be thankful that you were our Public Adjuster.

Very Truly Yours,
Sheila Stone
General Manager

Cardone Industries, Inc.

Dear Don:

My wife and I want to say a special that you for the outstanding job you and your team did in managing our loss. The circumstances around our water damage loss to our newly constructed custom condominium, hours after my wife’s release from a very serious hospital stay, created a “perfect storm” for us.

First, thank you and Ed for showing up within hours of the loss on a Sunday evening. You and your team hit the ground running and didn’t leave Sunday night until you had a clean up crew in place. The prospect of my having to deal with a condo association, two insurance companies, two insurance brokers, two adjusters, condo management company, clean up crews, custom home builder, loss consultants, home warranty company, estimators, adjusters, construction company, relocation, moving, storage, salvage companies and lawyers during my wife’s recovery was overwhelming. Your team managed the loss like clockwork and it became obvious early on that your reputation, experience and knowledge, together with an outstanding professional team with a tried and proven process, would receive me to attend to my wife’s recovery.

As we near closure of the loss, I look back with great appreciation for your hard work on our behalf. Pleases me as a referral anytime as you and your company are the best I have ever dealt with. Once again, thank you and the entire PLC team for an excellent job which led to outstanding results

Michael and Jacquie Cardone

Society Hill Towers

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for Don McCloskey.

I have been the General Manager at Society Hill Towers for 17 years. In the course of my tenure here at the Towers I have encountered several major disasters, usually of the fire and water nature. Until our most recent mishap, a serious pipe burst, we have never used the services of a public insurance adjuster. In July, at the time of our most recent mishap, we engaged Don McCloskey. Looking back, I can’t imagine having ever not used the services of an insurance adjuster, and particularly Don, who I have found to be a true professional. he is knowledgable, responsive, and dedicated to servicing his client. For the first time in many years, the insurance company paid what was due us, and it is only because of Don’s expertise that this was so.

It is without any hesitation, and with confidence, that I recommend Don McCloskey and his firm.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or would like to discuss this further.

Thank you.

Beverly Shien Sherman
General Manager

The Tower at Oak Hill Condominium

Dear Mr. Mccluskey:

On behalf of The Tower at Oak Hill Condominium Association, I would like to extend our gratitude for the outstanding service you have provided to us.

The fire was devastating to the building, affecting so many areas and involving so many residents. From the moment you began working on this claim, your knowledge and expertise in the field was evident. your ability to review the Association’s policies and proficiently evaluate their substance afforded us more opportunities than would have been gained through our assigned claim adjuster. I have no doubt that this matter was settled to the satisfaction of everyone involved due to your responsiveness and persistent willingness to work towards a fair and equitable conclusion.

The Association could certainly benefit from your services in dealing with future claims and would not hesitate to contact you if they were needed. Thank you again for your assistance.

Sincerely, The Tower at Oak Hill Condominium
Lisa P. Medzarentz, PCAM, CMCA
General Manager

Parachute Equipment Corp

Dear Don:

After being denied coverage by Pawtucket Mutual Insurance Company three times I was about to give up when I was introduced to you. Frankly I had little hope that you would be able to help me. If it were not for your professional approach to me as well as the problem I was having getting any satisfaction from my insurance company I would have probably have not hired you. That would have been a big mistake on my part.

Your ability to come up with the experts and professionals that were needed to substantiate my claim and the fact that you stuck with it for over two years clearly made the difference. Given the beating small business and individuals are taking today from a perverted and unjust system I am certain that I would have never gotten the $100,000.00 settlement with out your help.

With some luck I will never need your services again but if I ever have a problem getting an insurance company to live up to it’s contract you will be the first one I call. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime you choose to. I would be happy to speak to any prospective client of yours.

Best Regards,
Warren T. Eichhorn Sr.

Tabor Lutheran Church

To whom it may concern:

Mr. Don Mccluskey worked on a fire insurance case at Tabor Lutheran Church. He did an outstanding job, exceeding our expectations. Our congregation could not have provided the professional data that Mr. McCloskey and his consultants submitted to the insurance company. Because of his stellar performance we received an appropriate reimbursement for the fire damage that occurred in our church. Based on my experience, I highly recommend his services.

Pastor Andreas Wagner

Beckett Gardens Apartments

Professional Loss Consultants came to us after another adjuster mishandled our claim. Both Mr. McClosky and Mr. Blackmon were thorough and professional in their findings which led to a fair and proper settlement. They have helped and guided Beckett Gardens Apartments in other ways which we are thankful for.

Thank You,
June E Powell

Rotary Die Systems Inc.

Dear Don,

I want to take this time to thank-you and also commend you for the great job that you did in processing the insurance claim for us. We had tried last year to process them, unsuccessfully.

It is very frustrating to make insurance premium payments on what we thought that we would have no trouble collecting whenever the time came to use the plan. In reality, we hit a dead end in attempting to collect. With your support, efforts and understand of the policy, together with the proper paper work it eased my burden. you kept following up with the insurance company and keeping me informed of the progress or any documentation, which was needed. You also gave me light on continuing with the proper coverage needed for a policy to protect our company in the future.

Since I had the pleasure of working with you, I won’t hesitate to purchase the extra insurance coverage as I know that there will be someone in my corner to help, should recovery be necessary. It is very important for me to know that I am not just throwing my money away by paying previous and not being ale to get reimbursed when a crisis arrives.

I would recommend your services to anyone who is looking for an honest and efficient way to settle insurance claims. Again, I can’t thank-you enough for all your help and a recovery of what we were about to give up.

Bob and Maureen Donahue

Cafe Imperial - Brazilian Restaurant and Nightclub

To whom it may concern

Our restaurant and nightclub suffered a devastating flood loss from tropical storm Irene. We had hired Gary Blackmon and Don McCloskey in the past to handle our insurance claims and based on our experience with them, believed that they would be able to secure a fair settlement in a timely manner in this instance. The storm Irene was so vast that Mr. McCloskey was not available to work on this loss, but we were confident that Mr. Blackmon was up to the task.

In spite of the fact that our insurance company allocated an initial loss reserve of less than $100,000.00 for our claim, Mr. Blackmon negotiated a settlement for us of approximately$500,000.00. We highly recommend Gary Blackmon of Professional Loss Consultants to anyone who wants to ensure they receive a fair settlement of any insurance claim they might have.

Rafael R. Rosario - Cafe Imperial - Brazilian Restaurant and Nightclub

Valley Forge Center Associates

Dear Don:

Thank you for your prompt service to our fire loss building & business interruption claim, at the Bed, Bath and Beyond store here in King of Prussia, PA.

Your attention to every detail in the insurance policy helped us refund this store and collect from our insurance company the necessary dollars in a timely manner. During the claim process, you went above and beyond to get the insurance company to address all issues of the claim for which our insurance company did not even consider paying. If not for your expertise in heading large loss claims, hundred of thousands of dollars would have been left uncollected on our claim.

I would highly recommend your services.

Very truly yours,
VF Center Associates LP
William D. Brooke, Jr.
Assistant Controller/Property Management Associate

Dear Don,

Jerry and I want to express our gratitude for the outstanding job you did for us in processing our insurance claim on the extensive and structural damage done to our home in Vintner during the terrible storm which occurred February 2010.

our lives, before we were fortunate enough to have found you, had been turned upside down due to a devastating illness in our family, and I could not even begin to start dealing with our insurance company, contractor’s estimates plumbers, etc. while running to hospitals, and doctors appointments almost every day. From the day we met you, while standing in the ruins of the home we loved and had enjoyed many years of wonderful memories, I was secure in the knowledge that you would dedicate yourself to making sure that the burden was taken out of my hands and that you would work non-stop to obtain a fair settlement for us. The settlement you obtained for us was far and beyond our expectations and we will be forever grateful!!

We have already referred your company to several of our friends, in case they should ever find themselves in the same heartbreaking situation we were in.

Again, thank you for everything!
Shari Sussman

Dear Don,

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping use with the fire insurance claim for one of our rentals.

Before we were lucky enough to find you, we have worked with insurance companies directly in a couple of claims. it was the worst nightmare. They certainly have their ways to drag the process and make you feel like you want to give up and drop the claim.

We were amazed at how quickly and efficiently you handled our claim. Your services were way beyond our expectations. you have the expertise and assertiveness needed when it comes to dealing with insurance companies.

Thanks for making us feel at ease when dealing with such a difficult situation. We would highly recommend your services to anyone that needs to deal with an insurance company.

Best Regards,
Kenneth Kramer
Marianela Kramer

Dear Mr. Blackmon,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter on your behalf, as a testimonial to the outstanding job that you and your company, Professional Loss Consultants, did with representing my wife and I in the fire adjustment of our home.

As you know, on July 18th 2009, a fire devastated our home that we had lived in for most of our lives. I cannot express the shock that both my wife and I were in after coming home to see our house destroyed by fire.

After our initial shock wore off, we were approached by several public adjusting firms who wanted to represent us against our insurance company. We knew we needed professional help, but we wanted the right company to handle our claim. After interviewing several different public adjusting companies, both my wife and I knew, that the decision on who to represent us may be one of the most important decisions we would make in our lives.

The last interview we had was with Mr. Blackmon. We knew during our interview with Mr. Blackmon, that he was the right professional to handle our claim. Mr. Blackmon seemed to care more about us and what we going through than just representing us, and he did not pressure us into signing his contract, unlike all the other public adjusting firms we interviewed.

Mr. Blackmon was very thorough in his presentation, and made us aware of all we would be facing in dealing with our insurance company.

Both my wife and I are extremely pleased with the outcome of our claim. The insurance company wanted to repair our home, but Mr. Blackmon fount to get our home totally result from the group up. We know have a beautiful new modern home that we would not have had without the expertise of Mr. Blackmon and his firm.

We can honestly say, if not for Mr. Blackmon, hundred of thousands of dollars would have been left in the insurance company’s hands and we would never have the beautiful home we have today. Mr. Blackmon was the one bright light, in what was a very dark day in the life of my family.

It is without question that we highly recommend Mr. Blackmon and his firm to anyone in need of a public adjuster.
Joseph & Lavonia Hudson

Dear Gary,

The assistance you provided to my family met and exceeded all expectations. The house fire which occurred so close to the holiday’s was very tragic for me as the home owner and my daughter as the tenant but you made the process as simple as could be as far as I’m concerned. Not only did you help get my case settled efficiently you were also there every step of the way and your availability to be reached day or night and even weekends eased so many concerns.

The assistance you provided for my daughter regarding her rental claim was also far and beyond. Your assistance with making sure she got her funds in a timely manner and you being there with the insurance company reps. gave use the sense of security. I would highly recommend your services as an insurance adjuster and even though I hope to never need your services again if I did you would be the only one I would do business with. Thanks again for all your help.

Ursla Y. Hall-McKenzie

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