Client Responsibility

When an insured incurs a loss, they are required to fulfill all obligations written into the language of a policy, which includes:

The company staff of Senior Claims Adjuster includes Franklin Horowitz, with over 25 years of adjusting experience, including technically complex claims such as Bio Terrorism, the 911 World Trade Center complex, Pier Collapse, and major ecological disasters. Our team members include; Gary Blackmon, Vice President, Gerrard O’Donnell, Chief Operating Officer, Ed Rosenthal, and Robert Hockema. They are all senior claims adjusters with 45 years of combined experience.

  • Notice: The insured must give prompt notice of loss to the agent or insurance company. If the loss involves theft the insured must notify the police. In theft involving credit cards the insured must notify the credit card company.
  • Protection: The insured is required to protect the property from further damage.
  • Inventory: The next requirement is for the insured to prepare an inventory of damaged personal property. The insurance policy requires that the insured state the quantity, description, actual cash value, and amount of loss.
  • Access: The insured is required to allow access to the insurance company so they can see the damage.
  • Documentation: The insured is required to provide any requested records including tax returns that are pertinent to the loss.
  • Proof of Loss: The insured is required by the policy to submit a proof of loss within 60 days of the date of loss or upon 60 days or insurer’s request.
  • Assistance: The insured is required to cooperate with the insurance company regarding enforcement of right of recovery against a third party who may have caused or contributed to the loss.
  • Examination Under Oath: In some certain circumstances, the insurance companies may require the insured to submit to an examination under oath.

*Professional Loss Consultants recommends policyholders always read their own insurance policies to obtain a full understanding of their duties following a loss.

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