Why PLC?

We are professional. It’s what we do and how we do it! That’s how we have always done business for YOU! Experience, integrity, and knowledge are what makes PLC YOUR best choice for a public adjuster. PLC has over 100 years combined experience, which we put to work settling YOUR claim. Your losses are evaluated at no charge. We review your coverage and let you know if you’re properly insured. This is referred to as a forensic policy review. Our fees are contingent and flexible, always competitive. We have 6 adjusters to serve YOU.

Referrals are a large part of our client base, we establish relationships with our clients. Everyday loss is just as important to us, but we’re always honest about the nature of the claim. We understand the insurance industry and help you navigate the process without allowing the insurance company to tell YOU how much your loss is worth to YOU. Quite simply, we get you more for your claims. No claim is too big. Some of the claims we’ve settled over the years include:

PLC attained the first claim resulting from bio-terrorism in the U.S. (Anthrax contamination); they also settled the first business interruption claim resulting from 9/11; settled multiple bio-tech research spoilage claims; and claims of varying sizes that were denied, sometimes multiple times, we got them settled.

Professional Loss Consultants are the areas premier Philadelphia claims adjusters and Philadelphia public adjusters. For information please call (610) 304-0540 or contact us.